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Browse and find Reacting games that can be played in one or two game sessions.


Altar of Victory
Christians, Pagans, and the Altar of Victory 

4th Century CE       Europe       Microgame

Athens Besieged
Athens Besieged: Debating Surrender 

5th Century BCE     Europe          Microgame

Athens Reconciliation
Athens Reconciliation 

5th Century BCE      Europe       Microgame

 title=British Modernism
British Modernism, 1905 Microgame

20th Century          Europe          Microgame

Charles VII
Charles VII and the French Estates, 1435

15th Century          Europe          Microgame

Conclave 1492
Conclave 1492: The Election of a Renaissance Pope

15th Century          Europe          Microgame 

 title=Cuius Regio
Cuius Regio: the German Reformation

16th Century          Europe          Microgame

The Egyptian Prison
Egyptian Prison Martyrs and the Council of Antioch

4th Century CE        SW Asia / Europe / Africa     Microgame

 title=Eyeball to Eyeball 
Eyeball to Eyeball: The Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962

20th Century          Americas, International          Experiential Sim Microgame

 title=Fate of Mary Stuart
The Fate of Mary Stuart: Conspiracy and the Crown, 1586

16th Century          Europe          Microgame

 title=French Rev*
Simplified French Revolution Game for Conference Play

18th Century          Europe         Microgame

 title=Jumonville Incident
The Jumonville Incident, 1754

18th Century            North America           Microgame

 title=Making History
Making History Microgame

Today / Anytime          Anywhere          Microgame

 title=North Korea Aid*
The North Korean Hunger Games: Famine, Rogue Regimes and the Ethics of Aid, 1995-1998

20th Century          Asia, International          Level 2 Microgame

The Synod of Worms
Papal and Imperial Allegiance: The Synod of Worms 1076*

11th Century          Europe          Reacting Microgame 

 title=Texas Annexation
The Texas Annexation Treaty Debates, 1841*

19th Century          North America         Microgame

 title=The Wanli Dilemma 
Simplified Confucianism and Wanli Succession Crisis Game 

16th Century          Asia          Microgame


 title=Eleventh Pillar
Raising the Eleventh Pillar: The Ratification Debate of 1788

18th Century           North America           Flashpoints

 title=Paterson Strike 1913
Paterson, 1913: A Labor Strike in the Progressive Era

20th Century            North America          Flashpoints


 title=1894 Korea: Kabo Reforms
Korea at the Crossroads of Civilizations: Confucianism, Westernization, and the 1894 Kabo Reforms

19th Century          Asia          Up to 6 Game Sessions

 title=Acid Rain in Europe
Acid Rain and the European Environment 1979-1989

20th Century          Europe          2-6 Game Sessions

 title=Are Atoms Real?
Are Atoms Real? 1860 Karlsruhe Conference of Chemistry

19th Century          Europe          2 Game Sessions

 title=Climate Change in Copenhagen
Climate Change in Copenhagen, 2009

21st Century         Europe, International          2-3 Game Sessions

 title=Diet and Killer Disease
Diet and the Killer Diseases: McGovern Committee Hearings, 1976

20th Century          North America          2-3 Game Sessions

 title=Feeding Africa
Food or Famine, 2002: The Debate over Genetically Modified Crops in Southern Africa

21st Century          Africa, International          2-3 Game Sessions

 title=Food Pyramid Fight
Food Fight: Challenging the USDA Food Pyramid, 1991

20th Century          North America          2-3 Game Sessions

 title=IDEA 1990*
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), 1990

20th Century          North America          2 Game Sessions

 title=London 1854: Cholera
London 1854: Cesspits, Cholera, and Conflict over the Broad Street Pump

19th Century          Europe          2 Game Sessions

 title=Mexico in Revolution 
Mexico in Revolution, 1912-1920

20th Century          North America         1-8 Game Sessions

 title=The Pluto Debate
The Pluto Debate: The International Astronomical Union Defines a Planet

20th and 21st Century     North America     1-2 Game Sessions

 title=Social Security 1935 
Ways and Means, 1935: Debating the Social Security Act through Math

20th Century          North America         2 Game Sessions

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