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Awards and GRANTS

Reacting to the Past offers many opportunities for its member instructors. From the Consortium's annual awards to those who help push the pedagogy forward to the dozens of institutional and national awards that our instructors who have embraced reacting continue to win.

Learn more about our Brilliancy Prize, Dana Johnson Gorlin Fellowship, and the amazing professors who have been recognized for their innovation in the classroom.

The Brilliancy Prize for Reacting
The Dana Johnson Gorlin Fellowship
Reacting Members Winning Awards

The Brilliancy Prize for Reacting

Modeled after the brilliancy prize in chess, an award for a spectacularly complex and beautiful strategic idea or combination of moves, the Brilliancy Prize for Reacting was instituted in 2019 and is presented to a particularly ingenious or creative idea or pedagogical practice that advances Reacting games. Such ideas or practices could include ground-breaking reacting games, novel elements in game design, new curricular applications of the reacting game pedagogy, original modes of institutional adoption or dissemination, or other imaginative and resourceful innovations. The Brilliancy Prize for Reacting consists of a $1,000 award, presented each year at the Annual Institute at Barnard College.

Learn more about the Brilliancy Prize for Reacting

The Dana Johnson Gorlin Fellowship

Reacting to the Past was—and is—a collective enterprise, the work of hundreds of instructors, administrators and students. But during the formative years of the project, one person was chiefly responsible for transforming what had been a boutique program offered at a handful of selective schools into a pedagogical innovation now used at over 400 colleges and universities. That person was Dana Johnson (Gorlin), who died in June of 2017 at the age of 34.

The Reacting Consortium and Barnard College have joined to create a fellowship in Dana’s honor. The fellowship will be awarded to a deserving faculty member, especially from a community college or public university, who best exemplifies Dana’s exceptional qualities of character and mind and who gives high promise of advancing Reacting.

Learn more about the Dana Johnson Gorlin Fellowship

Reacting Instructors Winning Awards

Reacting to the Past is an award-winning pedagogy that has been recognized for its innovation and excellence.  Many professors who have embraced Reacting have also found recognition at their institutions and other organizations. We love highlighting the achievements of our members, whether they be grants, awards, or honors!

See what our amazing instructors have achieved!

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