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Browse and find Reacting games that are appropriate for classes with 40 students or more.

 title=Acid Rain in Europe
Acid Rain and the European Environment 1979-1989

11-40 Players          20th Century          Published Game (STEM)

 title=Are Atoms Real?
Are Atoms Real? 1860 Karlsruhe Conference of Chemistry

9-40 Players          19th Century          Level 2+ Game (STEM)

Augsburg 1531*
Wrestling with the Reformation: Augsburg, 1531

16th Century          Europe          Level 4

 title=Chicago 1968 
Chicago, 1968: Policy and Protest at the Democratic National Convention

13-51 Players          20th Century          Published Game

 title=Constitutional Convention
The Constitutional Convention of 1787: Constructing the American Republic
12-40 Players            18th Century           Published Game

Council of Nicaea
Constantine and the Council of Nicaea: Defining Orthodoxy and Heresy in Christianity, 325 CE

7-40+ Players         4th Century CE         Published Game

The Crisis of Catiline
The Crisis of Catiline: Rome, 63 BCE

8-41 Players      1st Century BCE       Level 4 Game

 title=Douglass 1845
Frederick Douglass, Slavery, and the Constitution, 1845

11-75 Players         19th Century       Published Game

The Fourth Crusade
Remaking of the Medieval World, 1204: The Fourth Crusade

12-52 Players          13th Century         Published Game

 title=French Revolution
Rousseau, Burke, and Revolution in France, 1791

7-41 Players          18th Century         Published Game

 title=Rage against the Machine
Rage Against the Machine: Technology, Rebellion, and the Industrial Revolution, 1817*

10-40 Players          19th Century         Level 4 Game (STEM)

Watergate, 1973-74: Questions of Constitutional Commitments*

20th Century          North America          Level 3 Game

Weimar Germany 
Democracy in Crisis: Germany, 1929-1932

20th Century          Europe         Level 4 Game

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