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Level 4

 title=1894 Korea: Kabo Reforms
Korea at the Crossroads of Civilizations: Confucianism, Westernization, and the 1894 Kabo Reforms

19th Century          Asia          Level 4 Game

 title=Augsburg 1531*
Wrestling with the Reformation: Augsburg, 1531

16th Century          Europe          Level 4 Game

The Crisis of Catiline
The Crisis of Catiline: Rome, 63 BCE

1st Century BCE      Europe       Level 4 Game

 title=Rage against the Machine
Rage Against the Machine: Technology, Rebellion, and the Industrial Revolution, 1817*

19th Century          Europe         Level 4 Game (STEM)

 title=Vietnam Memorial
Monuments and Memory-Making: The Debate over the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, 1981-82

20th Century          North America          Level 4 Game

 title=Weimar Germany 
Democracy in Crisis: Germany, 1929-1932

20th Century          Europe         Level 4 Game

Level 3, Level 2, and Microgames

Altar of Victory
Christians, Pagans, and the Altar of Victory 

4th Century CE       Europe       Microgame

 title=Are Atoms Real?
Are Atoms Real? 1860 Karlsruhe Conference of Chemistry

19th Century          Europe          Level 2+ Game (STEM)

 title=Argentina 1985 
Argentina, 1985: Making Memory

20th Century          Latin and South America          Level 3 Game

Athens Besieged
Athens Besieged: Debating Surrender 

5th Century BCE     Europe          Microgame

Athens Reconciliation
Athens Reconciliation 

5th Century BCE      Europe       Microgame

 title=Babbage 1846
Charles Babbage, Ada Lovelace, and the Dawn of Computing

19th Century          Europe         Level 3 Game (STEM)

 title=Bacon's Rebellion
Bacon's Rebellion, 1676-1677: Race, Class, and Frontier Conflict in Colonial Virginia

17th Century          North America          Level 3 Game

 title=Birth of the Public Sphere
Politics, Religion, and the Birth of the Public Sphere: England, 1685-1688

17th Century          Europe          Level 3 Game

 title=British Modernism
British Modernism, 1905 Microgame

20th Century          Europe          Microgame

Charles VII
Charles VII and the French Estates, 1435

15th Century          Europe          Microgame

Conclave 1492
Conclave 1492: The Election of a Renaissance Pope

15th Century          Europe          Microgame 

 title=Congressional AIDS Hearings
After a Long Battle: Congressional Response to the AIDS Epidemic, 1982-1985

20th Century          North America          Level 3 Game

 title=Cuius Regio
Cuius Regio: the German Reformation

16th Century          Europe          Microgame

 title=Diet and Killer Disease
Diet and the Killer Diseases: McGovern Committee Hearings, 1976

20th Century          North America          Level 3 Game (STEM)

The Egyptian Prison
Egyptian Prison Martyrs and the Council of Antioch

4th Century CE        SW Asia / Europe / Africa     Microgame

 title=The Election of 1912 
Progressivism at High Tide: The Election of 1912

20th Century          North America         Level 3 Game


The Enlightenment in Crisis: Diderot's EncyclopediƩ in a Parisian Salon

18th Century            Europe          Level 3

 title=Evolution in Kansas
Kansas, 1999: Evolution or Creationism

20th Century          North America          Level 3 Game (STEM)

 title=Eyeball to Eyeball 
Eyeball to Eyeball: The Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962

20th Century          Americas, International          Experiential Sim Microgame

 title=Fate of Mary Stuart
The Fate of Mary Stuart: Conspiracy and the Crown, 1586

16th Century          Europe          Microgame

 title=Feeding Africa
Food or Famine, 2002: The Debate over Genetically Modified Crops in Southern Africa

21st Century          Africa, International          Level 3 Game (STEM)

 title=French Rev*
Simplified French Revolution Game for Conference Play

18th Century          Europe         Microgame

 title=Guerrilla Girls
Guerrilla Girls in our Midst: 1984-1987

20th Century          North America          Level 3 Game

 title=Harlem 1919 
Harlem 1919: A Question of Leadership

20th Century          North America         Level 3 Game

 title=IDEA 1990*
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), 1990

20th Century          North America          Level 3 Game

The Ides of March 
Beware the Ides of March: Rome in 44 BCE

1st Century BCE      Europe      Level 3 Game

The Josianic Reform
The Josianic Reform: Deuteronomy, Prophecy, and Israelite Religion

7th Century BCE       SW Asia          Level 3 Game

 title=Jumonville Incident
The Jumonville Incident, 1754

18th Century            North America           Microgame

 title=London 1854: Cholera
London 1854: Cesspits, Cholera, and Conflict over the Broad Street Pump

19th Century          Europe          Level 2+ Game (STEM)

 title=Making History
Making History Microgame

Today / Anytime          Anywhere          Microgame

 title=North Korea Aid*
The North Korean Hunger Games: Famine, Rogue Regimes and the Ethics of Aid, 1995-1998

20th Century          Asia, International          Level 2 Microgame

 title=Physician-Assisted Suicide
Physician-Assisted Suicide: Autonomy, Ethics, Morality, and the End of Life 1976-2016*

20th and 21st Century       North America       Level 3 Game

 title=The Pluto Debate
The Pluto Debate: The International Astronomical Union Defines a Planet

20th and 21st Century     North America     Level 3 Game (STEM)

 title=Prado and Latin American Art*
The Prado Museum's Expansion: The Diverse Art of Latin America

21st Century          Latin and South America          Level 3 Game

 title=Radio Days 
Radio Days and the FCC: Breaking up Broadcast Monopoly, 1938

20th Century          North America         Level 3 Game

Radical Reconstruction in New Orleans, 1868-76

19th Century          North America         Level 3 Game

 title=Russian Literary  Journals
Russian Literary Journals, Dostoevsky, and Tolstoy in St. Petersburg, 1877

19th Century          Europe / Asia          Level 3 Game

 title=Save the Church
Bomb / Save the Church Microgame

The Past           Anywhere          Microgame

The Second Crusade
The Second Crusade: The War Council of Acre, 1148

12th Century          Europe  / SW Asia        Level 3 Game

 title=Social Security 1935 
Ways and Means, 1935: Debating the Social Security Act through Math

20th Century          North America         Level 3 Game (STEM)

The Synod of Worms
Papal and Imperial Allegiance: The Synod of Worms 1076*

11th Century          Europe          Reacting Microgame 

 title=Texas Annexation
The Texas Annexation Treaty Debates, 1841*

19th Century          North America         Microgame

 title=Versailles 1919
Peacemaking, 1919: The Peace Conference at Versailles

20th Century         Europe,  International          Level 3 Game

 title=The Wanli Dilemma 
Simplified Confucianism and Wanli Succession Crisis Game 

16th Century          Asia          Microgame

Watergate, 1973-74: Questions of Constitutional Commitments*

20th Century          North America          Level 3 Game

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