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Materials for Instructors

The sample syllabi, rubrics, and explanations of Reacting to the Past below may be useful to instructors who are teaching "Reacting to the Past" for the first time.

Share Your Own Game Materials

Have you developed a rubric, slideshow, or syllabus that you're willing to share with other faculty? We'd love to see and share it with the Reacting Consortium community! Please email it to us at, and we'll post them on this website.

View Lily Lamboy's videos on effective public speaking, and download sample rubrics and other helpful guides.

Read answers written by veteran instructors to frequently asked questions from new Reacting gamemasters.

Reacting games can fit into a wide variety of courses. Learn how reacting can be used to support world language classes and find French translations for some of our most popular games.

Inclusion, Accessibility, DEI and Student and Faculty Discomfort

GM Guidelines for Addressing Student and Faculty Discomfort
Reference guidelines developed by Reacting faculty and board members for managing sensitive content in Reacting to the Past games. Click here to download.

On Roleplaying 
A document from Nick Proctor about role-playing. 

Why do we believe in this pedagogy? We see it work. And there's research. Lots of research. Here we feature a selection of featured publications about the Reacting to the Past pedagogy.


View downloadable files, including templates, boilerplate texts, and rubrics, intended to aid RTTP game designers in their design process.

Digital assets, including Zoom backgrounds for use with students, are now available for purchase and download for many Reacting to the Past games, such as Athens, Greenwich Village, and more. In addition, we are offering the opportunity to purchase access to recordings of webinars held in fall 2020 about running various RTTP games online, such as Climate Change, Art in Paris, and more.

This website is still in beta.  Please email us with feedback and ideas. Thank you for your patience and understanding.  

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