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More on the New Publishing Relationship with UNC Press

February 18, 2022 11:15 PM | Anonymous

By Nick Proctor, Chair of the Reacting Editorial Board 

During the fall and into the winter, most of the work of the Reacting Editorial Board has been focused on the transition to publishing all of our full-length games with University of North Carolina Press. Our new arrangement offers several advantages including:

·  Lower prices for Gamebooks
·  Ebooks for every title
·  More fully integrated editorial process
·  The Reacting Consortium will host all Role Sheets and IMs, allowing these to be “living documents” that authors can change and update
·  Publishing with a university press may aid some authors with promotion and tenure
·   More generous royalties for authors and the Reacting Consortium

In addition to a mass of paperwork, the transition has involved making some tweaks to the templates for all the game materials, developing a universal style sheet that improves accessibility, and contemplating ways in which our games might better deal with particularly sensitive issues. As a consequence, some of the Norton and RC Press games will go into new editions fairly quickly. Others, particularly those that were originally published by Pearson, need significant editing. As a stopgap, UNCP will provide copies of all existing games under new covers, but authors are working hard to bring forward significantly revised editions of old chestnuts like Defining a Nation: India on the Eve of Independence, 1945, and The Trial of Anne Hutchinson: Liberty, Law, and Intolerance in Puritan New England. Mark Carnes is at the center of his efforts. He is being assisted by a variety of co-authors who promise to bring exciting new dimensions to these well-established titles.

In addition to transitioning existing games to UNCP, three new games should come out in time for spring 2023 courses. These are:

·  Democracy in Crisis: Weimar Germany, 1929-32
·  Memory and Monument Building: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, 1980-1982
·  A new, significantly expanded edition of Greenwich Village, 1913: Suffrage, Labor, and the New Woman 

We anticipate that other new titles will follow. This list is particularly exciting because all but one of the authors of these games are new to the series. These include:

·   The Crisis of Catiline: Rome, 63 BC
·   Radical Reformation: Wrestling with Religion in Augsburg, 1530-1534  
·   Korea at the Crossroads of Civilizations: Confucianism, Westernization, and the 1894 Kabo Reforms
·   The Prado Museum's Second Expansion: The Diverse Art of the Spanish-Speaking World
·    Literary Journals, Dostoevsky, and Tolstoy in St. Petersburg, 1877
·   Argentina, 1985: Contested Memories 
·   Watergate, 1973-74 

We appreciate the patience of these authors. Some of their games have been kept in a holding pattern while we worked out details with UNCP. They will not need to wait until all of the previously published games are in print. Instead, we will begin moving them into the production process as soon it is possible to do so. Hopefully, all or most of them will be available for fall of 2023.

Finally, two games that are often used by members of the community, Bacon's Rebellion and the Birth of American Racism, 1676, and 1349: Plague Comes to Norwich, are nearing approval for publication.



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