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Fresh Files Alert - Spring/Summer 2022

August 07, 2022 10:35 PM | Anonymous

Our Game Authors and Editorial Board and always working hard. We want to highlight some of the new Reacting Games Under Review recently added to our library, as well as updated materials.

Art in Paris

Now includes French translated role sheets, instructor guide, and student handout - August 2022

New Game - August 2022

Bacon's Rebellion 
New Gamebook - September 2022

Congressional AIDS Hearings 
New Files March 2022

Egyptian Prison 
Updated Gamebook - November 2022

Election of 1912 
Updated Gamebook, Instructor's Manual, and Role Sheets - September 2022

Eyeball to Eyeball
New Files June 2022; Soon moving to Central Michigan Press

New Game - June 2022

Updated Gamebook and Instructor Manual - September 2022

Radical Reconstruction
New Files July 2022
Notes on the Updates from the Game Author: 
After an excellent run at the conference in Boulder, I've made a bunch of changes to the Radical Reconstruction in Louisiana game. There is a new document and some of the game mechanics are different. There are also some new roles, which means the game can now have 36 players. They include:

J. Stella Martin, escaped slavery, became an abolitionist, advocated for John Brown, and has now returned to Louisiana.

Ludger Bouguille, a Black Creole who is the secretary for a fraternal order, is trying to keep his small school afloat. He is also friends with Henry Rey, the Spiritualist.

Charles St. Albin Sauvinet is another Black Creole who recently became the Director of the New Orleans branch of the Freedmen's Bank. (This role can act as a sort of "banker" so that players do not lose their Prestige tokens).

Stephen Walter Rogers became literate despite his enslavement and secretly taught others to read and write. By the time the game begins, he is a Baptist preacher, which provides Rev. Dove with some competition. He is also a pacifist, which will amplify this position in the endgame.

And in case you missed's the most recent from Fall/Winter 2021 (also found in this announcement):


Japanese Exclusion in California, 1906-1915

Ending the Troubles: Religion, Nationalism, and the Search for Peace and Democracy in Northern Ireland, 1997-98


Russian Literary Journals, Dostoevsky, and Tolstoy in St. Petersburg, 1877 
Updated February 2022

1349: Plague Comes to Norwich
Updated January 2022

Bacon's Rebellion, 1676-1677: Race, Class, and Frontier Conflict in Colonial Virginia 
Updated October 2021

The Crisis of Catiline: Rome, 63 BCE 
Updated August 2021

Updated August 2022

  • The revised documents include the alternative of a 6 game session full version of the game or a 3 game session abridged version of the game, which is one of the recommendations that came out of the Winter Conference playtest. There are separate Zip files of the role sheets for use with the full version and abridged version of the game, respectively.

  • Other revisions include: revised historical context essay, core documents/contemporary texts, and handouts sections; expanded GM instructions for the Senate Watergate Committee report, the Saturday Night Massacre (including a new subplot for Kissinger), the White House’s decision to release tape summaries and transcripts, Supreme Court oral arguments, and the Senate trial; and a scorecard to assist the GM in keeping track of the game’s various moving parts.

Expanded and Modified Materials from the Community

French Game Resources Added new resources for instructors and students

Restoring the World, 1945: Security and Empire at Yalta New Expanded Files - March 2022 - this includes name tents, additional roles, etc.

Red Clay Added pre-game reading quiz by Lucy C. Barnhouse



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