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Reacting Year in Review - 2022

January 18, 2023 2:08 PM | Anonymous

This year brought a lot of changes to Reacting to the Past! From our new relationship with the University of North Carolina Press to transitions in leadership, and our new website.

 Here are ten of the most significant blog posts and announcements that you might have missed this year!

1. Mark Carnes Steps Down After More than 15 Years as the Executive Director of the Reacting Consortium

Thank you Mark for all that you've done and continue to do for Reacting to the Past!

Announcement: Reacting Leadership Transitions

Announcement: Reacting Leadership Transitions

Reacting to Mark Carnes with Gratitude

Reacting to Mark Carnes with Gratitude

2. UNC Press Takes Over Publishing for RTTP

Reacting Consortium Partners with UNC Press for all Reacting Games

Reacting Consortium Partners with UNC Press for all Reacting Games

3. “The Not So New Guys” Take Over

Notes from the Executive Director: Nicolas Proctor’s Objectives

Editorial Comments: Thoughts from Kelly McFall, Interim Chair of the REB

Talking Heads:  The Not-So-New Guys Discuss their New Roles

4. Our New Website Gets a Makeover

Fall 2022 Web Update

5. Former Reactors Reflect on Reacting

Reacting Growing with You

Reflecting on the Past

What Reacting Can Do

6. Reacting Comes to High Schools

Reacting in High School

The Reacting Consortium - Reacting in High Schools

7. Chatbots Dominate Facebook Group Discussion

Reacting to Chatbots

Reacting Faculty Lounge | Facebook

8. Another Successful Giving Day

Giving Day 2022

9. Game-Based Learning Continues to Grow

Introducing Plexus!

The Making of Rising Waters

The Reacting Consortium - Fellow Travelers

10. The Reacting Team Grows

The Reacting Consortium - Contact and Team

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